Posted by: Charlie | April 28, 2010

Why Ryan Howard Is More Expensive Than Mark Teixeira

An interesting article by Will Leitch
Read the Full Article here

When Mauer signed with the Twins before the season, he received the opposite of a hometown discount: The Twins had to pay Yankees prices for him. (It is far from certain that the Yankees, as currently constituted, would pay a catcher with limited power potential $184 million through 2018.) Mauer is a great player — better than Howard — but if that deal blows up, the Twins are toast. (They might be anyway, even if Mauer is fine.) The same thing for the Cardinals if they re-sign Pujols for $32 million a year for the next decade. The Phillies had to sign Howard because they need to be seen as a franchise that takes care of its guys, the way the Yankees have, the way everyone presumes they will with Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera this off-season.

But those teams aren’t the Yankees. The Yankees’ financial advantages so dwarf every other team that trying to be the Yankees every decade or so, with one guy, plays right into their hands. The guy you mortgaged your whole future for, the one you were absolutely convinced that if you didn’t sign him forever your fan base would abandon you? Yeah, the Yankees have five guys like that. And because everyone knows the Yankees aren’t going anywhere, and that even if they don’t sign Matt Holliday or Jason Bay they’ll be just fine, they’re dictating the terms. Ryan Howard is making more money from the Phillies than Mark Teixeira — a better player! by far! — is getting from the Yankees. Think about that. With the overwrought Howard contract surely skewing the free-agent market for first basemen — of which there are several, from Pujols to Prince Fielder to Adrian Gonzalez — the Teixeira deal, which was seen as a shockingly large contract at the time, is already starting to look like a bargain.

The Phillies overpaying to keep their own guy; the Yankees paying less to get a mercenary. The Yankees have reached the point at which their constant spending isn’t just giving them an advantage and isn’t just crippling other teams … it may actually be allowing them to spend less. Brian Cashman and Albert Pujols are the happiest people in baseball this morning.


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