Posted by: Charlie | May 8, 2009

As a Baseball Fan do you really care about players who juice?


A friend of mine asked me this (talking about the Manny suspension) and here is what I answered:

NO, As a MLB fan for 12 years or something like that, I don’t care if a player is juiced or not, because it’s something a lot of players have been doing and only important or future Hall Of Fame players get @#$%## by this,

-Who the hell is going to tell me who was the first player ever to used ‘Roids??? No one, it’s imposible to tell.
-Who is going to guarantee me that no one in the Hall of Fame used ‘roids?? No one.

-Who is going to give me a list of all the names that have been using Roids in the last couple of years?? (Only A-Rod, jaja, give me a break ) so you can’t come up to me and tell me this guys don’t belong in the Hall of Fame , It’s ridiculous and the first one we should be blaming is the idiot Bud Selig cause he was the one that let it get to this point, when Sosa and Mcgwire were saving the game of Baseball he looked the other way and smiled while he was getting his pockets full of money.

Let’s be fair, if you can point everyone that has done it, don’t point anyone, IT”S UNFAIR AND STUPID!!!!!
Bonds, A-rod, Clemens, Sosa, Mcgwire and Manny belongs to the Hall of Fame, YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!! and taking this guys out of it, would cost MLB something that you can’t buy in a store near you…..CREDIBILITY.


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