Posted by: Charlie | November 5, 2008

The Channel Pavilion @ Central Park

The Chanel Pavilion in Central Park, designed by Zaha Hadid, was created to display art inspired by a Chanel purse. It will be in New York till Nov. 9th, 2008 so better hurry if you want to see, one of the worst works from Zaha hadid (The Architect critics hate it, check the NYTimes link here).

The pavilion, made of hundreds of molded fiberglass panels mounted on a skeletal steel frame, was first shown in Hong Kong in February. From there it was packed up in 55 sea containers and shipped to Tokyo, closing there in July and heading to New York, where it will be on view through Nov. 9. Chanel is paying a $400,000 fee to rent space in the park and has made a gift of an undisclosed amount to the Central Park Conservancy as part of the deal.

The company’s money couldn’t have bought a prettier site. The pavilion stands on Rumsey Playfield, near Fifth Avenue and 69th Street, on a low brick plinth at the edge of the park’s concert grounds.

Via NYTImes



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